Agreeable Data Co.

Elevate Your Data Game

Get the tools and playbooks to make your data quickly accessible, understandable, and trusted by everyone in your company.


  • We transport, store, and manage your data and you focus on product market fit.
  • Start good data practices now to be fully prepared for growth.
  • We act as your full service data team.

  • You are focused on growth and need data to accomplish your goals.
  • We unify your data from various cloud sources and model it in your warehouse.
  • We work as your data ops team supporting your analysts or data scientists.

  • You have a lot of data in a lot of places. We help you bring your data together and make it trustworthy so everyone can be on the same page.
  • Unify data from on-premise and cloud data sources - even the really old ones.
  • We work with you to upskill your existing data team.

If your data project includes getting on-premise data into cloud platforms, Agreeable Data is the partner you want. A lot of firms these days are focused on pure cloud, but Agreeable Data really enjoys finding the solution best for you at the best cost. We love that they are experienced in both cloud and on-premise data architectures and with both open-source and commercial tools. They listen carefully to your needs, and shortly thereafter, you'll probably forget they are not full-timers on your data team.

Enterprise Customer - Dave C. | CoLinx


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Data Audit

We can help you assess your current situation and help you determine the best next steps. No judgment. We will start where you are and work with you through the process.
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Data Product Plan

We work together to create a results-oriented plan. We will help you focus your ideas around driving the most value first. Expect to see initial results in weeks not months.
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Security & Compliance

We take security and compliance seriously. We will work with you through your concerns around PII, CCPA, GDPR, PCI DSS etc.